Soap Floats Recording is a collaborative project studio founded in 2009. In these 4+ years, we have changed facilities and staff as we have grown and improved. The newest home is an old church outfitted for musical performance, recording/mixing/mastering, production, and all things audio. We strive to keep the entire facility a place where musicians feel just as comfortable (more so) as their practice space and/or home.

We are also proud to be in a partnership with one of Cincinnati's hippest record labels, Grasshopper Juice Records, as well as collaborate with Sheperd's Pie Studios, BUNK News and DTRT Design. These alliances allow us to do more than just make great music - they give our clients a platform to take their art to a new level with design, online promotions/publication, events, and more. Come see why dozens of CEA nominees/winners, MPMF artists and regionally headlining acts have chosen us.